I wanted to understand how we can increase the living standard and make food more accessible to more people. By vegan foods, seasonal eating or refining and reinforcing old technics – without electricity.
HMW make oatmilk with utilities at home: coffee press, towel and strainer, juice centrifuge and coffee filter.
I decided to develop an artifact based on the “towel and strainer”. After evaluating this idea, I knew there was a lot to be done: the towel got soaked and the twist needed to be clean and safe without a mess. The fabric needed to be easy to clean and there were a few objects that could be improved.
The idiom ”sow one’s wild oats” means to have many sexual relationships, particularly when one is young before settling down. 
”SOW ONE'S WILD OATMILK” describes my design process as I was jumping between many questions, problems and ideas before settling.

Measurements: H:300 x Ø:96

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