Describe yourself with one word: woman
Finding area of interest: inspiring women
My grandmother Elsa
1922 - 2022

Elsa vs. Astronauts
Less ability to taste and smell
Bone and muscle loss
Hearing loss
Not being able to walk
Weight loss
Downsizing in belongings
Lack of integrity
Becoming old and space travel is not solely about staying alive: 

how do we make them more comfortable, efficient and safe?
Is there something that can be created for ISS and used at an elderly home? 
How to decrease the risk of SANS and glaucoma?
The study evaluated healthy 30 subjects - the right eyes were studied while the left eyes were used as controls. The multi-pressure dial (MPD) was adjusted to fit securely and negative pressure was gradually applied in the study eye. After 30 min of wear time, the pressure was slowly released and the MPD was removed.

By locally applying pressure in front of the eye, the IOP goes down and the normal relationship between IOP and ICP is restored allowing the optic nerve to resume normal function. There was a significant pressure reduction in the right eye 1 week following the study. The results of this study suggest that the MPD system is safe and no subjects reported discomfort or other issues.

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