Brief: help women to feel confident and informed about their bodies, sexuality and fertility - without any negative side effects. Assist them in making intentional decisions about reproduction by decoding the ovulation and the fertile window.
Fertility awareness (and natural family planning) involve tracking the fertile window and ovulation to prevent or plan pregnancy. Studies show that fertility awareness methods can be up to 99% effective if followed precisely. The effectiveness is the same as the most effective birth control on the market.

However, these methods require more commitment and engagemang from women, which shows on the effectiveness of typical use. The methods can be up to 23% more effective if given the right tools, therefore I want to develop a device to help women observe, confirm and track their cycles accurately.
Through years of clinical practice, it has been established that saliva testing is the most accurate method for measuring the body’s hormone levels. Unlike blood and urine, saliva reveals the bioavailable and unbound hormone levels. Furthermore, saliva testing is not only precise but also non-invasive and painless for women.
One covid-19 test including everything, use approximately 10g of plastic. Which illustrates the scale of plastic destined for landfill.

Test: L:82 x H:5 x W:35
Reader: L:60 x H:25 x W:50

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