Studies show that the average shower takes 8 minutes and consumes approximately 96 liters (12L/min) of water depending on the flow rate of the shower. An energy-smart shower uses up to 2,2 kWh and does not exceed 75L of water regardless of temperature. 
Specific heat capacity
Q = m * c * (T2 - T1) 
Q = 8068 kJ

Liter for specific shower temperature
m = 8068 / (4,2 * (T2 - T1))​​​​​​​
LED light will effectively display when in moderate use, to bring awareness and to remind the user to turn off the water while soaping. Example: 60L of 40c water for 5 minutes (12L/min).
Full-scale working cardboard prototype with circuit playground express (timer and light), flowmeter, thermometer and potentiometers.
Vola’s products are designed with respect for a good solution and attention to detail. We made sketches, mockups and renderings, with inspiration from Vola’s design language.

Measurements: L:14 x Ø:60

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